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Retail Outreach

Alliance Advisors provides a full range of retail outreach strategies

What we do

Every year, Alliance Advisors reaches millions of shareholders through a variety of solicitation strategies to generate voting participation for annual and special meetings. Our campaigns are conducted across a range of retail shareholder profiles for traditional publicly traded companies, retail heavy, Open-End Funds, Closed End Funds, ETF’s, REITS and BDC’s.We approach your shareholders with the utmost professionalism. Combining the latest technology tools with a high level of human touch, Alliance Advisors has the expertise and infrastructure required to engage with retail shareholders and secure favorable votes for the Board.

Our Platform

At Alliance Advisors we have the resources and the commitment for delivering successful voting results. Our secure virtual platform allows for limitless agent expansion. This platform makes bandwidth concerns a non-issue. In addition, to telephone solicitation, we offer cell phone communications with Text-to-Vote and personalized Email-to-Vote platforms designed to maximize voting returns.

Our platform is comprised of the following voting tools:

  • Outbound telephone: Our virtual cloud based “call center” has agents geographically dispersed to allow for maximum time zone management. Our platform allows us to scale outbound capacity up and down at will. We can provide inbound agents and bilingual agents, if required.
  • Text to Vote: Since many shareholders are reluctant to pick up a call from an unknown caller, we offer Text-to-Vote services. Text-to-Vote is an effective vote gathering tool and allows us to send a short message containing an imbedded link to a voting page. Registered or NOBO shareholders can quickly and easily vote from their cell phones.
  • Email Voting: Similar to our Text-to-Vote option, our email option delivers a more descriptive message to registered and NOBO shareholders. Both methods simplify and streamline vote participation to just a few clicks.
  • Print, Mail, and Tabulation: In addition to solicitation efforts, Alliance provides in-depth tabulation reporting across all campaigns via access to our digital portal, Invictus. Invictus provides real-time , executive level and detailed vote reporting with a visual voting progression, allowing you to keep a constant pulse on the campaign status.
    Our print/mail/electronic distribution solution allows us to operate at scale, managing initial and follow-up mailings for campaigns involving millions of individual shareholders. In addition, we have an internal design team to provide enhanced solicitation and custom communications, in both print and digital formats.
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