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Compensation, Governance & Sustainability Advisory

Compensation Advisory

What we do

Alliance Advisors has built a compensation team that is second to none. We have specialists with deep relevant experience who come from ISS, Glass Lewis, major compensation consultants and major institutional investors.

  • Help develop an equity compensation plan to maximize shareholder support.
  • Conduct an institutional shareholder profile to determine the equity plan voting policies of your top institutional shareholders.
  • Model your equity plan proposal against the guidelines of the major Proxy Advisory Firms, make recommendations to improve scoring against these models.
  • Review the quantitative features of your plan, such as burn rate and voting power dilution, to determine how large shareholders are likely to vote on the plan.
  • Perform vote projections to determine likely outcome of the proposal.
  • Assist in drafting proxy language to best position the plan to shareholders.

Governance Advisory

What we do

Alliance will work with you year-round as governance topics arise. Most of the business decisions a company makes will have an impact on how shareholders, other stakeholders, and the proxy advisory firms engage with you and make vote decisions. Alliance Advisors will make you aware of potential concerns and how best to address them.

Circular / Proxy / Agenda Review:

Anticipating risks to the items up for shareholder approval and devising a plan of action are some of the ways we prepare clients and ensure successful shareholder meeting outcomes.

  • We will perform a comprehensive review of the proxy statement/circular and related materials from an institutional investor and proxy advisory firm perspective to highlight potential areas of concern.
  • Work with issuers to ensure disclosures are clear and meet transparency expectations of institutional investors.  Provide examples of best-in-class disclosures and advise clients on how to align with these.
  • Project expected levels of shareholder support for particular ballot items, identifying shareholders likely to oppose and their rationale.
  • Provide research, advice, and voting projections on shareholder proposals.

Governance Benchmarking:

We will help you understand how your company’s governance policies and practices compare to peers, provides valuable perspective on the evolution of best-practice and advise on areas where your company may be lagging.

  • Review and baseline current governance practices to identify focus areas.
    In-depth analysis of performance against industry peers (local and global) to identify priority opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide updates on trends in ESG, shareholder activism, institutional investor policies, and related topics to support board and management.

Sustainability and ESG Advisory

What we do

We provide year-round support to companies at every stage of their ESG program to manage key risks, create value for stakeholders, and clearly communicate their sustainability story. As part of our advisory services, we partner with companies to:

Understand sustainability-related objectives and identify key priorities.

  • Determine baseline, perform peer benchmarking and conduct gap analysis
  • Execute materiality assessments and investor-focused perception studies.

Develop ESG strategy and approach using guidance and expertise delivered by Alliance Advisors.

  • Establish or strengthen sustainability oversight by the board of directors and senior leadership, in part through internal education sessions.
  • Create or strengthen framework to achieve short-, medium-, and long-term sustainability objectives.

Publicly report on ESG-related processes, performance and progress.

  • Collect data and develop content to publish annual ESG reports, website disclosures, and policies.
  • Align with global ESG frameworks, standards, & ratings.

Effectively communicate ESG efforts and goals to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Plan and prepare for sustainability-related shareholder engagement.
  • Draft ESG information in annual report and filings, including proxy statement.
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