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Shareholder Meeting Advisory & Shareholder Engagenment

Annual (AGMs) & Special Meetings (EGMs)

What we do

  • Pre-launch strategy session to marry client needs and proposals to an overall solicitation strategy.
  • Complete an analysis of the institutional and retail shareholder base to understand the source of voting shares.
  • Conduct a voter identification effort to uncover the voting positions behind the custodian, banks and brokers.
  • Engage with institutional investors in dialogue based on the type of proposals at hand.
  • Ongoing monitoring of voting trends, insights and results. Adjust strategy as required.
  • Devise a retail outreach strategy directed to the NOBO and other retail shareholders (if applicable).

What we do

Engagement on ESG issues is a critical part of a company’s business strategy. Our Advisory team will assist you in organizing and preparing for shareholder engagement.

  • Provide a detailed analysis of how your largest institutional investors voted at your most recent shareholder meeting to identify opposition voting and assist with off-season engagement prioritization.
  • Calculate ISS and Glass Lewis’ influence on your largest investors’ proxy voting decisions.
  • Assist in identifying the optimal team of subject matter experts to engage with institutional investors.
  • Assist in outreach to institutional investors and proxy advisory firms (ISS and Glass Lewis) to facilitate and coordinate engagements.
  • Conduct extensive pre-engagement preparation with engagement team including senior management and directors.
  • Provide customized investor profiles in advance of engagements to identify points of emphasis and potential pressure points.
  • Review proxy statement from an institutional investor and advisory firm perspective and provide examples of best-in-class disclosures.

Shareholder Meetings – Retail Shareholder Focus

What we do

Mutual Funds, SPAC’s, BDC’s

  • For corporate entities or investment companies with significant retail share ownership, we maximize meeting participation by providing shareholders with voting access and education.
  • Our retail voting analytics unlock insights on shareholder’s behaviours and provide voting projections to better manage the solicitation strategy.
  • Utilizing a variety of communication tools, we successfully blend campaign strategies to maximize participation. These strategies include telephone calls,email, text, and social media.
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