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Global Consumer Products Company

Vote Projection Case Study , April 2023

Assignment and Challenges

Our client is a member of the S&P 100 with a market cap north of $120 billion dollars. This high-profile consumer products company was facing three shareholder proposals and a possible contentious Say-On-Pay vote at their 2023 annual meeting.

Alliance Advisors was retained to provide this client with Shareholder Engagement Advisory services months prior to their annual meeting and throughout the solicitation effort to maximize voting support for the Board’s recommendations. One of the Advisory methods that we utilized to assist our client was a series of vote projections.


Using our proprietary database and comprehensive knowledge of investor voting policies and trends, Alliance Advisors developed a very detailed analysis of the shareholder base. The data on the underlying shareholders and their voting policies served as the foundation of our vote projections.


Alliance Advisors correctly predicted successful outcomes for our client on the four (4) proposals below several weeks before the actual meeting date.

Our projections were so accurate that three of them were within less than a 1% margin of the final voting results.

  • Say On Pay – 0.15%
  • Shareholder Proposal 0.83%
  • Shareholder Proposal 1.34%
  • Shareholder Proposal 0.87%

Global Consumer Products Company

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