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Going Beyond: EMEA Voting Policies

UK & Ireland – 2023 Season Preview

The foundation of successful governance policies and quality shareholder engagement is built throughout the calendar year. Boards who stay ahead of the game are the winners at shareholder meeting time.

  • Engaging with your shareholders should be done at a regular cadence that encourages a strong relationship and partnership.
  • Shareholder engagement should be proactive and focused on communication and feedback well before any final vote decision is made. This includes reaching out to both investment professionals and in-house ESG experts.
  • Board members should be open to hearing from investors about perceived company weaknesses. By directly engaging with investors, board members show that they are taking shareholder concerns seriously.

What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond

With interest rates and inflation surging, supply chain disruptions, volatile energy prices, and geopolitical instability, shareholders are revising their policies to reflect the evolving investment landscape.

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