Activist Investor 13F Analysis

Waheed Hassan, Senior Managing Director of Alliance’s M&A/Proxy Contest Group, has compiled and analyzed 17 activist investors’ 13F filings.  The below deck… 

Updated: Proxy Access – Issuer List

This is an updated list of issuers that have adopted Proxy Access, compiled by Shirley Westcott, Senior Vice President of Governance and Equity… 

Proxy Access- Issuer List

Shirley Westcott, Senior Vice President of the Alliance Advisors Governance and Equity Consulting Group, has compiled a list of issuers that have adopted Proxy… 

Equity Plan Proposal Failures 2007-2012

Lessons to Consider When Requesting Shares This white paper looks at the equity plan proposals that have failed during 2007–2012, how Institutional… 


Adopting a Poison Pill is Not the Cure for the Coronavirus (April 2020)

04/06/2020 Brian Valerio

Capital markets have dropped precipitously since the coronavirus...  

Charles Schwab No Longer Utilizing Proportionate Voting (Mar. 2020)

03/10/2020 Ted Wallace

In July of 2019 one of the largest retail brokers in the United...  

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