Recent Shareholder Activism Webinar

On March 12, 2014, Alliance Advisors hosted a webinar on Shareholder Activism and Activist Investor Strategies, moderated by Shirley Westcott.

Panelists included: Harvey L. Pitt from Kalorama Partners, Janet Wright from Dell Inc., and Zach Oleksiuk from BlackRock.

Key discussion points included:

  • Overview: Evolution of activist campaigns and proxy fights
  • Key factors driving increased shareholder activism
  • Activist investor strategies for forcing fundamental corporate change
  • Best practices for boards for dealing with hedge fund activists
    • Preparing for an activist intrusion
    • Conflict of interest considerations: golden leashes and director qualifications
    • Engaging with shareholders
  • Role of proxy advisory firms

For a replay of the webinar or to download the presentation, please visit Shareholder Activism Webinar link.

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