BDC/REIT Activism Webinar Dec. 10, 2015 – Access Replay

On December 10th, Alliance Advisors hosted an in-depth webinar on BDC/REIT activism.

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Moderated by Waheed Hassan, CFA, Senior Managing Director of Alliance Advisors’ M&A Proxy Contest Group, panelists include Thomas J. Friedmann, partner at Decchert LLP, Phillip Goldstein, activist hedge fund manager at Bulldog Investors, and Cynthia Krus, partner at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP.


Topics included:

  • Why has BDC/REIT activism accelerated recently?
  • What attracts an activist to BDC/REIT?
  • Who are the BDC/REIT activisits?
  • What are the key issues raised by activists?
  • How can companies proactively prepare for likely activist engagement?
  • What is the role of proxy advisory firms in a proxy contests
  • Strategies for winning a proxy contest

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