Proxy Advisory Firms

In a corporate environment, working with investors and conducting shareholder meetings are a big part of your job. Shareholder meetings must be organized according to regulations, but even beyond that, there are strategies and measures that can be taken to further ensure success. It can be a lot of busywork, and in the case of a contested measure or a proxy contest, it can be a lot of stress. The board of directors can take some of the weight off their shoulders by hiring an experienced proxy advisory firm to do the work for them.

A proxy advisory firm may offer proxy management, which puts everything in place in terms of shareholder meetings. From selecting of meeting and record dates to providing all of the materials, the firm can reduce the workload so that the board of directors can focus on other matters. At Alliance Advisors, this process includes a consulting stage, where past procedures are reviewed and recommendations made to improve future corporate events. This is followed by the execution stage where logistical concerns and time-sensitive issues are taken care of.  Finally, the meeting and post-meeting stage is where all of the voted proxies and daily reports are collected efficiently and promptly.

Some proxy advisory firms may also offer proxy solicitation services in order to help the board of directors stay competitive in the event of a proxy contest. An experienced firm can conduct proxy solicitation on behalf of the board of directors, drumming up support while adhering to regulations. Letting the experts at a firm take charge of proxy solicitation can mean a lot less stress on a board of directors who would otherwise be doing it themselves or might otherwise leave it with someone with less experience. A proxy advisory firm makes sure all proxy needs are handled expertly.