Eileen M. Scully

Executive Vice President

Eileen has over 25 years of experience in the proxy industry.  In 1987 she began her career with Corporate Investor Communications, Inc., a major proxy solicitation firm.  There she worked in the Proxy Solicitation and Corporate Service Groups, advising and directly managing the processes for thousands of shareholder meetings.

In 2001, Eileen founded Executive Mail Service, a firm specializing in the shareholder meeting and communication process.  There she evaluated prior practices, conducted confidential bidding, offered strategic cost-saving solutions and managed the entire project for the client from start to finish.

In 2006, Eileen merged Executive Mail Service with Alliance Advisors and has continued to manage the entire shareholder meeting process for hundreds of corporations.  Eileen is responsible for providing guidance as to new industry practices, preparing timelines with the best solutions for a company’s specific meeting needs and ensuring that all necessary procedures (the “must do” functions) are performed at the highest quality with a view toward financial efficiencies. Eileen proudly leads the Proxy Management Group.