Abe Borad

Executive Vice President, Alliance Shareholder Communications

Abe manages Alliance’s Mutual Fund Group, consisting of proxy solicitation, printing, mailing and tabulation. Since 1995, Abe has commanded a thorough understanding of all aspects of mutual fund communications and solicitation programs through his direct management of hundreds of large and complex mutual fund campaigns.  Abe has been at the vanguard of the industry when it comes to data security and privacy protection in the world of mutual fund shareholder solicitations.

With a strong and diverse background in shareholder communications technology, Abe continues to implement unique technologically-driven strategies that drive solicitation costs down, and reduce the intrusion to the shareholder household, while maximizing the vote in an effective manner. He structures each solicitation campaign to fit the challenge at hand and with proper timing, planning and effective management all proposals can be delivered to a successful outcome.

As the solicitation industry continues to evolve, and the needs of investors and mutual funds change, Abe will continue to develop programs and systems that both enhance and streamline the proxy solicitation process. Prior to joining Alliance Advisors, Abe was an executive at major proxy solicitation firms Corporate Investor Communications (CIC), Georgeson and The Altman Group.