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Alliance Shareholder Communications (ASC), an affiliate company of Alliance Advisors, provides proxy solicitation services to the mutual fund industry. Effective communication and obtaining the votes necessary to accomplish the objective of the mutual fund has become the hallmark of our reputation. Our Mutual Funds Group is comprised of seasoned industry veterans who have worked on countless assignments for some of the largest fund families. We manage every step of the process providing innovative strategies, analysis of shareholder lists and end-to-end solutions for the proxy solicitation campaign. ASC will deploy well planned and proven methods that obtain voted proxies from the different investor constituencies including:

  • NOBOs (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners)
  • Registered Holders
  • OBOs (Objecting Beneficial Owners)
  • Institutional Investors
  • Banks and Brokers

Whether your proxy solicitation requirements targets 1,000 or 1,000,000 shareholders, our Mutual Funds Group creates tailored solutions to strategically plan and manage every aspect of your campaign. Our goal is to effectively communicate with the combined investor-customer base and maximize shareholder support for the fund’s proposals while emphasizing speed and cost-containment.

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