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PDAC Show Offer
Special Pricing Plan for attendees

Alliance Advisors is an independent advisory firm focused on ownership intelligence, Shareholder Meeting Advisory and top 10 engagement. We go beyond the norm to develop and execute bold, client-first strategies, resulting in winning outcomes.

Our PDAC Pricing Plan Offer

Understanding your industry, our discounted Pricing Plan, only available to PDAC show attendees, makes it affordable for companies of any size to take advantage of our service. We are a competitive advantage as an extension of your team, here to arm you with solutions and people for your most critical business decisions.

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Clients First

We believe in putting our clients first. We share a collective goal to deliver winning outcomes for them.


We are a team of specialists with deep know-how and experience. We come from all parts of the financial service industry.


Our headquarters are in the US. We work as one team around the world in different locations.

1200+ clients

We are an independent employee-owned firm with over 1200+ clients ranging in size from large cap to small cap public companies.

Our promise

We know what makes the difference between performing and excelling, between losing and winning, between cautious advice and bold strategies, and we are ready to take on new challenges when the opportunities arise.

We are driven by a desire to Go Beyond in our quest to deliver for our clients on every single assignment.

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