Vote Forecasting

Vote Projections: Alliance bases its vote projections on a proprietary combination of investor intelligence, historical voting trends and the methodology of the proxy advisory firms. This allows the client to make an informed decision based on the recommendations of Alliance as to campaign strategies, resource allocation and execution. A vote projection, an accurate one, can prevent embarrassing rejections, it can alert the company to the need for changes to the terms of the proposal and it can serve as a blueprint for an effective proxy solicitation campaign.

Influence Analysis: Alliance provides corporations with the level of influence the proxy advisory firms (ISS, Glass Lewis, Egan Jones) have on their major institutional investors. Many institutions use their own internal policies for voting on various proxy proposals while other institutions rely on proxy advisory firm guidelines as research for their voting decisions. In other instances institutions may vote directly in accordance with the proxy advisors recommendations. This intelligence can assist with projections, anticipating a negative vote, campaign strategy and the need for engagement calls with the institution.

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