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Alliance Advisors completes more than 400 proxy solicitation campaigns annually for corporations of all size market capitalizations and industries. Therefore, our work exposes Alliance to every conceivable type of management proposal and shareholder proposal on a corporate ballot.  Our Corporate Governance Group, consisting of former ISS professionals, counsels corporations on the voting policies and procedures of their institutional investors as well as the proxy advisory firms.  We are also armed with extensive databases on these proxy initiatives which Alliance can catalog what other corporations had the same proposal, changes they made to the terms of the proposal, opposition from specific investors and the overall voting response. Our expertise with these proposals and successful track record includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Governance Proposals: Election of directors, say-on-pay, mergers & acquisitions, equity plans, increases in authorized shares, the issuance of preferred stock, reverse stock splits, the elimination of super majority voting, re–incorporations and bylaw amendments. In today’s environment, most governance issues are either widely adopted or addressed through the shareholder engagement process.  Alliance has a wealth of data and expertise to help our clients address these issues during discussions with their institutional investors or the proxy advisory firms.

Shareholder Proposals: Evolving views of institutional investors, particularly index funds, and well-known individual shareholder proponents have brought environmental and social issues to the forefront.  Environmental issues include emissions reduction, sustainability reporting, reduce greenhouse gas, coal ash risk and varying climate change concerns.  The social issues involve board diversity and composition, political lobbying and expenditures, the opioid crisis, drug pricing, gun violence and corporate culture.  Based on our experience with these sensitive issues, Alliance can provide strategic advice in negotiating, adopting or combating any shareholder proposal.

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