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Canada – 2022 Postseason Review

Alliance Advisors Canada provides strategic shareholder advisory services to corporate clients across North American and Global Capital Markets. Alliance’s highly experienced traditional Governance and ESG analytics professionals provide the guidance and expertise needed to enhance the shareholder engagement process while maximizing policy support and underwriting successful annual meeting resolutions. Alliance supports all types of resolution advisory work, board composition and competency reviews, executive and board compensation structure evaluation, as well as ESG and sustainability strategy assessment and corresponding disclosure. The Economist newspaper, in its July 21st, 2022, edition, argues that “ESG is deeply flawed” and that “the measure is incoherent, lumping together a dizzying array of objectives and offering no guide to trade-offs”. We agree. It’s why we assist boards to navigate the myriad rules, regulations and policies that comprise the ever-changing ESG landscape.

Given the importance that investors are placing on ESG topics as they in turn respond to compliance demands for their stakeholders, governments and community groups, it is critical that boards are prepared to discuss these subjects in a meaningful and constructive way with shareholders, both in their annual report and during shareholder engagement. We trust that you will find the following review of interest and value.

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