Board Advisory Analysis

Board advisory Analysis

After the initial interviewing and surveying of the individual members on a board, the Alliance advisory team will present a thorough analysis to the board of directors. This analysis will help to get all members of the board on the same page as far as what issues are present and need to be addressed. A board of directors analysis will show an evaluation of current skill sets present on the board and what skills need to be added to address problems.

With Alliance, the analysis also shows the results of the previous survey and peer review elements of the advisory strategy. The results of the survey are tallied to see which questions received one or more “disagree” responses. From these results, Alliance can find the key issues that are present on the board so that, together with the board, they can come up with solutions to these issues. These key points are presented in an easy-to-understand format for professional presentation to get everyone in one place and on the same page.

The analysis is essential to the advisory strategy. It allows the board members to make sense of the issues they are experiencing as a group and talk out what issues they have experienced individually. As these talking points come up, the board can work as a group with advisors to find the answers to their problems. After this step, solutions can be implemented with a clear plan for future success. It all comes back to the analysis and what information can be learned from it. Alliance advisors will make sure the board of directors are able to see the way forward by analyzing what has come before.