Mission Statement

Alliance’s objective is to provide corporations with effective outreach and engagement with both their institutional and retail investors. We specialize in proxy solicitation, governance consulting, proxy contests, market surveillance, proxy management and asset reunification. Our philosophy is based on a “client first” approach that focuses on the confidentiality of all non-public information, the client’s business strategies and respectful treatment of all shareholders. The reputation we have built reflects our commitment to the governance of our business, ethical policies and just practices.

Because our work brings us in contact with some of the largest money managers and most influential institutional investors in the world – Alliance is committed to utilizing best practice fundamentals to provide each of our clients with a clear and concise presentation of their ownership constituencies. We possess extensive knowledge of the voting patterns of these diverse shareholder groups, all key corporate governance issues and the policies of ISS and Glass Lewis. The methodologies that we employ are designed to articulate the positions of our clients, counter the effects of a negative vote recommendation, defend against shareholder activism and maximize shareholder support for our clients’ agenda.

Our business model is based on diversification – providing corporations with a suite of complimentary proxy services that will only benefit the client. So whether advising the CEO in a proxy contest, counseling the Corporate Secretary on a compensation proposal or providing the IR officer with the capital markets intelligence, Alliance’s goal is to be an information center of highly disciplined professionals supported by the most sophisticated array of proprietary databases and technological systems available. Our mission is to provide corporations with high level consulting, governance-driven proxy solicitation and support services that reduce costs and streamline the shareholder meeting process.