Alliance History

Alliance over the years



Corporate Investor Communications, Inc. (CIC), a proxy firm, founded by Mike Mackey, Sr. and two partners.



Kevin Mackey joins CIC. Kevin founded Image Graphics, a financial printing division and Source One Communications, a customer service call center business for the firm.



Michael Mackey joins CIC. Michael launched the proxy solicitation, market surveillance and shareholder identification businesses for the firm.



CIC Merger. CIC merges with Shareholder Communications Corp., Georgeson & Company, and Kissel-Blake to form Georgeson Shareholder Communications. Michael and Kevin Mackey serve on the Board of Directors.



Founding of Alliance Advisors. Michael and Kevin Mackey and Eileen Scully found Alliance Advisors, focusing on proxy management.



Alliance expands into a full service proxy solicitation and governance consulting firm. Many former CIC executives join Alliance.



Formation of Alliance Shareholder Communications. Alliance launches Alliance Shareholder Communications, further expanding its business into the fields of lost asset recovery and mutual fund solicitations.



Alliance Advisors enters the Market Surveillance business.